Overcoming Limiting Conditions

Even before publication, our books website is generating testimonies of overcoming limiting conditions with stories of great triumph!

We welcome any and all stories that will have a positive and uplifting effect on our reading audience! Furthermore, it is of great importance that somehow you will be blessed, healed, and/or prospered by the following story...

L.J. Thomas reports that she has experienced success, regardless of her disability: Message In 1994 I was diagnosed with MS as a wife and mother of two young children. I lost my job and a large sense of my self-worth. However, in 2006, I was determined to get all of it back. As a result, I have completed an Associate degree, Bachelor degree, and coursework​ for my MBA. I have successfully owned and operated a small business and am a published author who enjoys empowering others through knowledge. One step at a time, I reached​ my goals and I continue to make new goal destinations​ and strive for them on a daily basis. It can be done with a positive attitude.

Ms. Thomas, we are so grateful that you took time out to share your wonderful story with our readers. Because of you, a person who lacked belief in themselves may have found the courage to take that extra step! May your courage continue to strengthen others. 

CIM -Women Doing It For Themselves


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