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DunningKnicks Interview's: January 2017 & February 2017 Schedule

DunningKnicks Interview's: January 2017 & February 2017 Schedule: January   8, 2017     D. Odell Benson January   8, 2017     Open January 15, 2017     Drew Sera January 15, 2017     Monica Hand...

Renee's Author Spotlight: Through the Darkness: Stories of Hope - D. Odell Benson

Renee's Author Spotlight: Through the Darkness: Stories of Hope - D. Odell Benson


Jessie Nw- I write romantic contemporary women’s romance. I also have an uncompleted series about a murderer. I consider it a Mystery series vs. a Suspense series. In answer to “experimentation,” my answer is Inspiration. I never thought about inspiring someone until now. I realize my test turned into my testimony, thinking there are those who find my history inspiring. This makes me smile.
WADIFTS- And rightly so -You are a welcome addition to “Collaboration In Motion-Women Doing It For Themselves!” We need your voice.

"Sometimes, I feel as if I am a simple amenity to the structure that is his world."
Meet Jessie Nw, Pen-Name for undercover author and collaborator of the new release, “Through The Darkness-Stories of Hope”. You may think we are joking but Jessie Nw is a pseudonym the Government employee uses for the purpose of writing professionally.

“I work for the Federal Government,” Jessie shares openly. “…and there are so many rules and regulations that I not only write und…

A. McCarty

Inspirational writer, Amber McCarty joined “Collaboration In Motion-Women Doing It For Themselves” as a contributor to our newest release, “Through The Darkness-Stories Of Hope”. 

Her advice to fellow authors is, “Don't focus on sales and reviews; It's not about the sales and reviews (although “they say” those make the author). Rather, it's the person behind the story and what you love to do that makes for a great book.”
Mrs. McCarty who currently holds down two jobs in the health-care field began writing therapeutically to calm bouts of depression, and shares that it has been a source of creative escape that she has grown to love.
WADIFTS- Given your love for inspirational writing, what inspires you to write and what is another genre that you might be interested in trying?
Amber McCarty- Well, I get what you might call a writing “itch”! And, when I get that “itch” I just have to write, no matter what the genre. I would, however, like to try non-fiction because generally t…

Carol Ann Kauffman

WADIFTS- It is with great anticipation that we welcome seasoned author, Carol Ann Kauffman to this project of “Collaboration in Motion-Women Doing It for Themselves!
The former educator of 35 years was the reading teacher to second and third graders during the last three years of her career; retiring only to care for her convalescing mother. Since then she has penned numerous titles, created a blog to host, promote, and support authors and artists, of diverse experiences. We greet her with open arms as a contributor to our upcoming release- “Through The Darkness-Stories of Hope.” 
"If you are reading this, I can only assume Stephen and I are dead." 
Mrs. Kauffman believes with strong conviction that, “There is NO difference between someone who can’t read and someone who won’t. Reading is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. And if you have children, they need to see you read many different types of reading material. They need to see you read for enjoyment a…

K. K. Harris

K.K. Harris-Let me start by saying, thank you to all of my fans who support my work consistently; I love you, and it has been an amazing journey! 
Currently, I am working with a group of women writers on a project entitled Collaboration In Motion-Women Doing It For Themselves. Our first book is called,
"Through The Darkness-Stories Of Hope" of which I not only contributed my writing skills but graphic designs as well. 
WADIFTS-With so many genres in your literaryrepertoire, such as urban fiction, Christian romance, paranormal romance, and crime (just to name a few) we are all curious to know, just what inspires you and what is your process?
K.K. Harris-My creative juices are driven by my imagination and the overall love to create. As far as my process, I would have to say that I am not the traditional outlier. For instance, I can spend a fair amount of time outlining/planning a story and then, just-like-that, change 85% of it before the end! ...So I guess that makes me a bit of …

M. Handy

Thank you so much for letting me share my world with you today. 
I am M. Handy an intrinsically innate partner in Collaboration In Motion #CIM.
Realistically, I am the initiate of the group.  Thus, the reason we are here today is based on the 
Project: Women Are Doing It For Themselves
Collaboration In Motion
Note: "Window Shopping" keeps you on the other side of the glass and away from true or real intimacy.
“First and foremost, I am an inspirational writer with the intentions of provoking thought and/or encouraging my readers to elevate above or either outlasts their opposition. I believe that another set of circumstances is always available and my position is to encourage the steps necessary to achieve purpose and fulfillment. Therefore, I am excited about this collaboration on our book about hope.”
I encourage every aspiring author to – “Write “it” until it makes complete sense to you. Write “it” until there is no doubt about the clarity of the intended message… And then you a…