In Between The Lines

We should not resent The Lines that life has etched upon our existence. Instead we should learn to read between them.
In between the lines we have become wise-
In between the lines we still see textures of youth that allow us to feel strength, grace and dignity.
In Between The Lines we are empowered to enjoy the fruits of our labor and share them with the outstretched limbs of our growing, sturdy trees... These limbs are our children!

In Between The Lines we have endured a silver-gray autumn that distinguishes us from past folly and a whimsical nature. Yet we remain priceless beauties.

In between the lines, the young woman and the older woman embrace in ribbon-tied bows, that compliment well worn dignity of remembrance and identity! For without a doubt, we know who we are!

In Between The Lines I can still see my lovers intentions-his past accomplishments-and all that HIS Father created him to be. His has an aged, sensual appeal, like warm cinnamon apples in the pie that you so anticipate.

In between the lines I can love again and laugh again, with renewed courage and confidence! I am not old! I am new, refreshed, and restored!

In between the lines my stories are not all strung from past pearls of wisdom. I yet have new steps to take! New journeys to make-New wine to taste...

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M. Handy/The Promise
Creator/Founder of
COOTW Literary Works
Partnering with-Collaboration
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