The Elemental Roots Of Rejection

The Elemental Roots
Of Rejection

I kept  choosing elements of rejection and  not  knowing  why. Situations, relationships and  circumstances of rejection kept surfacing. The  pain was  forever  grazing  in the  pastures of my ignorance and  I allowed  it free reign because I didn’t know that subconsciously I was choosing the same  patterns, the same elements.

Within  these   patterns, these   elements,  my  soul  was seeking out  an  answer for the  cause  of my pain.  Unfortunately,  I sought answers from  the  people  who  usually  did the  rejecting and  they    didn’t  have  the  answer. They  were just  the  out-picture of the  same sad  love  song  that  kept playing over and over and…

Deeply wounded and  embittered, I would  carry  my tote bags of shame, guilt and low self esteem into the next situation.

I  kept  wondering,  "If  I’m  giving  you  everything, why  won’t  you  love me?”  The  unanswered question cart- wheeled  like some out of control cheerleader until… Well, finally,   the  answer broke   through like  the sun after a long season of rain.

"if I didn’t  value  myself, how  can  anyone else value  me?"

I cannot lie, even after my revelation,the  old beliefs  did  not  want  to give up.  It took the same  level of pain  that  had  gotten  me there,  to get me  out.  And  the  never  ending cycle made  me  cry out  for GOD to help me!

I remember being  so empty  for love only to realize  that  it wasn’t at sea level it was at the top of this mountain, that  I had to climb.

Prayers  of  many   gave  me  an  undeviating  foot  hold that began my ascent. Rung  after   tireless rung   I  climbed   past   caverns of  self doubt,  worry  and   fear; crevices  of  depression,  suicidal thoughts, worthlessness and  introverted withdrawal; escapades of the freakiest kind,  sharp precipices of low self esteem and raging inner battles that  had me cry out!

It is in this do-or-die state  that  one chooses to remain stagnant or climb for their lives to a mountain-top goal of freedom.  Because  either you will succumb to what you’ve always rehearsed or you will allow it’s force to propel you forward into the lesson learned.

You cannot do this without God. You cannot even recognize or process the cycles of how we learn  a thing,  without God! He is very real, very serious and very in love with our soul.

If you don't go through the rejection process you will never learn for yourself what you are worth to God, man, and self and you will end up giving mindless energy and potential away to someone who will never do you like God will.

This is M. Handy pointing you toward Mountain-Top Love

Excerpt from Revelations of a Promise


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